Four Unusual Bitcoin Charts to Feast Your Eyes On
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WTF is your Bitcoin Price will just what it sounds like, showing the current ratio of BTC to the crypto community’s favorite meme machine. After 1 bitcoin achieves parity with a single Lamborghini Aventador we will know we’ve made it. Until then, keep trading sensibly and hodling hard.

Unusual Bitcoin Charts to Feast Your Eyes On

Bitcoins Per Individual

Employing the F-word isn’t big or clever, but it will command attention. is a site so simple a fourth grader might have researched it. Still, for a fast bitcoin price check with no F-ing around, it will get the work done.
This last graph is also the best, aesthetically. Having clearly been created by a bitcoin cash supporter, core fans will be advised to not click on this hyperlink. TX Highway provides a highly interesting representation of the rate at which the BCH system circulates by than the of its congested fraternal fork. Kudos for the depiction of the Lightning Network as a railroad still under construction with the advice to “Check back in 18 months…maybe”. If the foregoing charts are amusing, this one is mesmerizing. Who knew that watching little green cars might be quite so soothing?

Afford the cost of bitcoin, divide it by the number of individuals in the world, convert the amount to USD and you also get a current value of around $40. That’s how much BTC everybody would own if a large scale wealth redistribution were to happen. This isn’t Communist Russia, so that’s not about to happen any time soon. But Bitcoins Per Individual provides a practical index of the level to which a digitally-savvy planet could amass their particular bitcoin savings.
What choice bitcoin charts and representations would you advocate?  
Charting — predicting an asset’s potential trajectory based on present motion, signals, and quantity — is a skill. But even the most experienced of dealers would struggle to employ Technical Analysis to the the ensuing graphs. Moving averages and bollinger bands are of little use once you enter the area of Lambo/BTC pricing. The following charts provide a fun way of reappraising the planet’s beloved cryptocurrency.
If you are tired of staring in the BTC/USD chart, it is time you changed up your graph game and switched your attention elsewhere. Bitcoin metrics can be measured in many ways; utilizing fiat money as a baseline mention is only one of these. Cast your gaze farther afield and you’ll discover an array of fascinating charts which will keep you captivated — for a couple of seconds at least.
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Four Unusual Bitcoin Charts to Feast Your Eyes On