PR: Game Machine — Investing in Gaming Industry for a Wonderful Profit!

Game Machine is running a Token Sale at the moment. The project attracted more than $700,000 in sold tokens by a week. Now, there is a 10% bonus for many bought components for investors. Token Sale will last until January, 31.
Right now, the team is composed of 15 members. It is not a significant group, but we could easily say that we’re buddies and are united by the very same ideas. We also have additional aid from talented entrepreneurs, designers, and traffic-managers”.
What can it offer?

Among the most advanced markets nowadays is the gambling industry. 2017 was among the most significant years in the realm of video games, it became a landmark with revenues exceeding $116 million. The PC scene, which was supposed to collapse of, is actually showing it will not be denied. The recent evaluation by shows that players are alike playing on console and individual computers. With blockchain technologies, these gambling PCs could be employed to earn money.
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Among those startups who have already proved the high quality of its merchandise is Game Machine. It hastens the gambling business and blockchain technologies. The team created the project with consideration of all parties involved — the players are considering getting the items for their favourite titles, programmers get the stage to market their matches and investors may find a valuable project faster. Game Machine simply combines them all in one transparent ecosystem.
Game Machine is an ambitious endeavor, but with a transparent vision and fundamental ideas. It was started in March 2017 with a budget of $80,000. At the start, the team spent their own money and after a couple of months of developing, they obtained additional $120,000 from investors. The team includes the brightest minds from the industry and has gone to get a project that was started not so long past.

Game Machine is determined to continue the progression of the products. The library of games and things will only increase in the future as the staff will execute a growing number of jobs from the pool. The strategy for 2018 will be to launch the first version of the program for advertisers as well as yet another individual for investors. Also, the mobile variation of Game Machine Client to get iOS is in development and will be released in March 2018. By 2019 the group will set up a merchandise for measuring tokens and make API to your 3rd party resources to the ecosystem. Security of Game Machine is provided by the combination of Proof-of-Stake and Proof-of-Authority principles. Later the team is likely to utilize neural networks and AI to get a loaf of fraud.

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It revealed startups a fresh means of capital investment — Initial Coin Provide (ICO). Seems like there’s an endless amount of new businesses with a great and promising result. With so many startups and up-to-date technologies, now is an exciting time to become a cryptocurrency investor.
Token Sale
The wonderful thing about Game Machine is the fact that it has a functioning product. The team was focused on the development of the client program for months and has just released Open Beta edition of this. Game Machine Client is composed of a miner and also a store of things for popular games such as CS:GO and also Dota 2. Gamers all over the world have been showing a wonderful interest — the customer had attracted more than 10,000 users per month and a half an hour dozen. That’s no wonder because the players get what they need by providing calculation abilities of their PCs and not by paying their hard-earned money. The team is also providing continuous upgrades for the cellular use of Game Machine.

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