“In My Wife Knows, I Am Dead” — Man Shares Story of Losing 1000 Bitcoins

Alex’s roughly 1000 bitcoins would be worth more than $9 million USD at current rates. He clarifies that the debacle since the “Worst error of [his] life.” Alex says “The thinking was that it is offline, maybe not on my PC, so in case something awful happened to the PC — even [if] it warms up, or [was] hacked — I still needed a backup… Never back up anything to a cheap Chinese-made disk or USB stick.”
When Alex began mining bitcoin, he was doing so from technological curiosity and did not believe that bitcoin would observe meteoric cost gains. Alex recounts “In the technology community we did not believe bitcoin are that large,” stating that he “got into [mining] only for fun… It was only applying our PC hardware to a global community, something publication. In the first days of GPU [graphics processing unit] mining, a single card may mine quite a few coins every day.”

“If My Wife Knows, I’m Dead”

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Alex Mined Bitcoin at Late 2009

An Australian man has recounted his story to local websites of losing what would today be more than a seven-figure dollar sum of bitcoin, stressing that such should function as a warning against storing one’s bitcoin’s keys onto a inexpensive storage apparatus.

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Alex decided to store his pocket file also did not think about his bitcoins until discovering that the cost had reached nearly $1000 USD at 2013. After scrambling to get the storage apparatus, Alex says he “[plugged] that the USB stick back in to try and get the document, but the stick died. It was one of these economical made-in-China ones,” he said.
Despite the bumpy beginning, Alex has persevered with cryptocurrency. Alex says he hailed “a lot” of Ethereum at the beginning of the calendar year, including “One evening, maybe Ethereum might restore that which I misplaced using bitcoin.”