PR: Exmo Cryptocurrency Platform to Launch Margin Loans with the Power of Crowdsale

Exmo Cryptocurrency Platform

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Crowdsale is the principle of giving an extra boost for accelerated development to the platform. EXMO representatives maintain that half of their investment increased through the crowdsale will be employed to cover the demand for gross loans, and the next quarter will be put into the exchange development that is cryptocurrency. The remainder will go into acquiring the accreditation for simplifying the fiat currency trades establishing the margin loan insurance fund, and covering advertising expenses.

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The cryptocurrency exchange player of successful trading expertise, EXMO, has announced the launch of the EXMO Coin crowdsale to encourage the aim of adding a Margin Loan service to its platform.

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Find out more about this EXMO crowdsale and EXMO on Telegram discussion, Facebook, Twitter, its website, along with the company’s blog.
Token holders may receive 50 percent of their earnings derived from gross loans distributed in the kind of wages on a monthly basis among them.
EXMO has made a formal launch statement of their strategy to present margin loans as the vital feature of their own platform, which enables more to be earned by traders by borrowing funds about currency fluctuations. This can bring a whole new way of investing to over traders around new ones and the planet, allowing them to exchange cryptocurrencies to a scale that is larger than they’d be able to afford with their existing money.

Published at Sat, 02 Dec 2017 18:30:10 +0000

Their currency will be launched by EXMO on February 26, 2018, and each of the users that are interested will immediately be able to purchase EXMO Coin.

Below a margin loan one borrows money from a broker to buy or sell stock if unaccustomed to the conventional stock exchange term. EXMO will offer 1:2 leverages for a margin loan to the popular BTC, ETH, and USD purchase books. As the demand for the service increases more options will arrive in the future.

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To be able to cover the dealers’ demand for gross loans, as well as to allow the general platform development, EXMO will attract extra investment funds by issuing its very own token known as EXMO Coin (EXO).
The EXMO Exchange has showcased steady performance, and was set in 2013. In reality, it found that a trading volume of $192 mln back in 2014, rising to $1.8 bln in 2017, also 591,000 deals in 2014 hitting 24 mln at 2017. Thus, the trading volume and the amount of deals made through the platform climbed by 9 and 40 times respectively in the course of 3.5 years. The client base swelled by 188% in 2017. This has a tendency to be an incredibly dynamic to think about, as the worthiness of EXMO Coin and exchange rates of currencies will correlate with EXMO performance, as well as on this stage.
“We at EXMO believe that cryptocurrency trading must supply the same range of investment tools as ordinary trading. We look to the future and would love to foster this development by bringing the economies closer, and providing people opportunities to invest and earn with just a click. Issuing the EXMO Coin will let us meet the demand of hundreds of thousands of dealers, and develop a much more resilient, more reliable, and truly global exсhange platform.”
After the purchase, the EXMO Coin will be traded on the EXMO Exchange in pairs like EXO/ETH and EXO/BTC, and later on with altcoins and other monies, thus constituting a second advantage for its holder. On top of that, EXMO declared the guaranteed buyout that was token, representing that dates and the corresponding conditions .