This Bitcoin Domain Can Be Yours for about $2.75 million


Just because a domain name is promoted for an exorbitant cost does not mean there are going to be some takers.
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This Bitcoin Domain Can Be Yours for $2.75 million

Disciples of those enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto, meanwhile, may be tempted to hand over the $8,500 it’ll have to secure It’s only a pity the URL reads sadly.

This Bitcoin Domain Can Be Yours for $2.75 millionBitcoin may command the maximum cryptocurrency economy cap, however when it comes to domains, it is the 2nd most valuable coin — ethereum — which is dominating the domain name game. Anyone wanting to host their WordPress site on will have to cover a cool $10 million. While that particular URL has not yet been snapped up, went for a reported $2 million back into October.

Stocks in mining businesses that are crypto and graphics card manufacturers aren’t the only beneficiaries of the bitcoin bounce web domains can also be hot commodities. Sellers are asking thousands and thousands of bucks for prime bitcoin domains, with some.

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Released at Wed, 29 Nov 2017 17:30:42 +0000

The bitcoin brand has jumped in tandem with its market cap, with forecasted sellers cashing in on the cryptocurrency trend. to maintain that a URL that is desired Purveyors of a bitcoin domain name will have to dig. While the very best bitcoin domains have already been snapped up (you are considering one of these), remains available for about $350,000. It was priced demonstrating that bitcoin trajectory really does drag every thing heavenward using it.

Domain supplier Uniregister has a plethora of bitcoin-based titles available to monied buyers seeking to splash the cash and declare their purpose. For aspiring buyers that can not really stretch to’s $350k cost tag, can be purchased for only $2,888.
Had the vendor hodled, there’s a chance they could have reversed that domain for several times its initial cost. Bitcoin has a long way to go before demand causes that were growing domains to achieve record levels. The maximum price ever paid for a internet domain has been $90 million for
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Blockchain has grown into one of the season’s buzzwords for better or worse. It must really come as no surprise so that titles will also be currently attracting a high top. Anyone considering forking out the $2.75 million needed to receive had better have a killer program using bitcoin’s underlying ledger if they are to recover their investment.

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