Zero Edge online casino system is a brand new, revolutionary way of presenting internet casino games to gamblers all over the world. While the conventional online casino focuses on earning millions and millions of pounds off of your losses, then Zero Edge is doing something entirely new. By offering 0% edge games demand is made for Zerocoin, which increases its worth. Profits are created not from gamers loses, however from raised Zerocoin value. This model will disrupt the internet gambling industry. Zero Edge casino are able to provide a authentic, guaranteed 0% house edge, making internet casino games really fair for the very first time ever!

That is just another reason Zero Edge have chosen London to open their cutting edge new offices, to begin to roll out their own plan to completely upset the entire online gambling industry with their unique 0% house edge concept, a first in internet casino gambling (and gambling in general).
Residents of the united kingdom love to gamble online and do this around the clock in different top online casinos directed at the united kingdom market. But up until quite recently, UK gamblers have been confronting the very same problem as gamblers in other areas of the world — playing online casinos where, quite honestly, the house edge is out of hands!

UK gambling market is among the biggest on the planet.
The ZeroEdge staff are extremely eager to meet followers and fans of their Zero Edge online casino community when their new offices open over the upcoming few months. The team, comprising of a assortment of specialists in their various fields such as online gaming, crypto monies, marketing, service, plus a lot more, have set out the welcome mat for most gamblers in the uk.
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It is not by coincidence that Zero Edge have chosen London as one of their most important centres of performance. Besides the fact that London is still among the most popular cities in the world, with a lively melting pot of international cultures, it also occurs to represent one of the biggest online gambling markets on the planet.

United Kingdom gambling market size exceeds #14 Billion Pounds each year. Zero Edge will establish first blockchain based gambling sites in UK market just after ICO endings and all Zerocoins are spread publicly.

What’s Zero Edge and How Can It Function?
In addition, ZeroEdge will also provide with an opportunity for things to construct and run their own games over the ZeroEdge platform. This will enable anyone with minimal technical knowledge to conduct their own games and earn from the increased value of the ZeroEdge token. The game programmers will be rewarded in ZeroEdge tokens for their participation to the community based on various aspects, e.g. the prevalence of game, UI/UX levels, etc.. This attribute will create a highly competitive environment and will ensure a Wide Array of accessible games on the system
“This really is a good news for individuals and our community. We are thrilled to have our new office in London. Among the explanations for opening an office in London, has been the accessibility to the skilled occupation market. Blockchain specialists, gambling industry executives, marketing professionals are all there. Thus, will be seeking to cultivate our staff to assist us with our advancement on each element of the company.”

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ZeroEdge.Bet, a start-up that is constructing a blockchain based online casino network, is expanding its reach and will soon be launching brand new offices at London. The move was motivated by unprecedented development of company, before the planned ICO dates later this year.