PR: TokenGen — The Ultimate Smart Contract Creator for Your Token Economy

TokenGen – The Ultimate Smart Contract Creator for the Token Economy

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The Cloth ecosystem is a platform, focused on assisting users and businesses create smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps), without needing to rely on programming experts.
TokenGen 1.0 will encourage several clever contract templates for both tokens and crowdsales, which will allow users to further personalize their job in order to meet their specific needs. TokenGen 2.0, that is expected to be published near the end of April, will include more innovative intelligent contract templates, which will further improve the program’s customization scope.
The FT crowdsale has so far raised a bit over 2,000 Ethereum from the 9668.25 ETH challenging cap. It’ll run until the tough cap is reached until April 1st, 2018. Unsold tokens will probably be burnt in the end.
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TokenGen, dubbed the greatest intelligent contract generator for the token market, was published in live demo mode by the Cloth Token team for consumers to test —

TOKENGEN, the First Component of the Cloth Token Ecosystem, Gives a Easy and Intuitive Web Interface, Allowing Anyone to Create Smart Contracts for Your Token Economy With No Programming Knowledge Needed.

The Cloth Ecosystem is an blockchain-based startup made by Niquid Tech OÜ, an Estonian company set up in 2017.

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The FT crowdsale includes a minimum cap of 0.1 ETH plus a maximum cap of 9 ETH on contributions. 1 ETH buys 8,000 FT. With nearly a week left until the Cloth Token ICO ends, now might be the final opportunity to purchase FT in its crowdsale cost, a token that is the basic “fuel” to get a platform with infinite potential.
The instrument will be completely released after the end of the FT crowdsale, on April 1st at precisely 10:00 A.M. UTC. After that, the team will execute TokenGen with the major Ethereum network and the instrument will start to be planned.
This way users will eventually have a cheap manner of creating the intelligent contract code for their Assets and crowdsales. TokenGen comes with a simple step-by-step procedure that permits the user to create a intelligent contract bundle containing all the code required to set up a nominal on the Ethereum network and then run a crowdsale in order to market it to interested parties.