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At a 2016 presentation Onecoin’s founder and visionary said: “We will unveil history… In just two years nobody will talk about bitcoin anymore.”

In a statement sent to the media, “One Network Services” said it had been targeted at a showcase police operation. The business hasn’t maintained pursuits neither nor the media release said. Its agents added that they cooperated with the police but were kept in the dark concerning the investigation’s topic.
The surgery has been participated in by representatives of officers from the General Directorate Combating Organized Crime, the Special Prosecutor’s Office and agents of the State Agency for National Security. Europol delegates and investigators have observed their actions against the criminal organization.
The network of organizations behind it, along with Onecoin, has been depicted in a number of media reports as a Ponzi scheme and from many cryptocurrency pros. For shedding light on the essence of its global enterprise, News outlets and journalists have been threatened by attorneys. Authorities, regulators and law enforcement agencies in countries such as Hungary and Italy have taken steps against it imposed penalties, as news.Bitcoin.com has reported. In April the German national financial supervisory authority gained funds by a business associated with the multi-level-marketing scheme to promote and sell the “cryptocurrency”.

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50 Folks Questioned, Zero Arrests

Records, servers and other evidence have been seized and investigators have questioned approximately 50 people, according to the statement. No arrests have been reported so far. Prosecutors, nationwide safety agents and members of their organized crime were included in the operation. They acted petition by Germany, in which Bulgarian-born “creator and rebellious” of Onecoin, Ruja Ignatova, had been taken to court. “Onecoin” payments were banned from the Federal Republic and in 2016 the UK Financial Conduct Authority issued a warning regarding the organization. The Ministry of Interior of Bulgaria published a video of the research in Onecoin’s building:

Bulgarian law enforcement agencies also have raided the offices of Onecoin in Sofia as part of a multinational effort to neutralize what police call a “centralized cryptocurrency pyramid scheme”. Three million people might have been cheated by the firm that provides services on four continents, based on media reports. Bulgarian officials were diligent enough to be aware that Onecoin has nothing in common with the Bitcoin.
The business has been singled out from many warnings investigated by relevant agencies and issued by authorities around the world. The attempt to end its actions is the largest in scale so much and has been coordinated with partners from other countries, as Kapital points out. The Sofia-based “One Network Services” Limited liability Company was enrolled with just 2 BGN (≈1 EUR) licensed funding, based on a book by Dnevnik. It has been led by the mother, Veska investigated in Germany of Ignatova. Both women have vacated their Onecoin executive places.
Onecoin Offices Raided in Sofia, Servers Shut Down