Back in the spring of 2017, the talk of a technology referred to as ‘ASIC Boost’ has been a very hot debate amongst bitcoin proponents. Bitcoin core (BTC) supporters were extremely angry with the firm Bitmain Technologies and its proprietor Jihan Wu for supposedly using ASIC Boost covertly, despite the fact that the company denied it. Now based on reports that the mining operation Slush Pool works with ASIC Boost after the controversy was forgotten, and also a company referred to as ‘Little Dragon Technology’ made it available for any company for a Blockchain Defensive Patent License (BDPL).

It’s not okay for ethereum to change their principles to reverse a theft, but it’s okay for bitcoin to modify the rules to prevent an optimization?
Greg Maxwell was the first to kick off the heated debate and said miners covertly employing the technology may outcompete additional mining pools, and readily gain by $100 million USD annually or more. After Maxwell’s ‘revelation’ most folks looked to blame Bitmain Technologies and its creator Jihan Wu, although Wu and his company denied the allegations. Bitmain does hold patents in China for its ASIC Boost engineering, but it has never been demonstrated that the company employed it covertly.

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At the moment, Palatinus did not enjoy Bitmain’s official reaction to the accusations of covert usage. To this day it has never been formally recognized that Bitmain has employed ASIC Boost.  

After Being Really Controversial, the Tech Is Now Acceptable Due to Patent Law

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What do you consider Slush Pool announcing it’s compatible with ASIC Boost?

Last spring several individuals thought the disagreement about ASIC Boost has been “overblown” and utilized as a divisive strategy against Bitmain along with Jihan Wu. Professor Emin Gün Sirer out of Cornell University called the technology along with “optimisation” and said calling it an “exploit” has been a bit far-fetched. Ryan X Charles the creator social networking platform that the Yours Network told he believed the controversy was also calling ASIC Boost an “attack.” The famous bitcoin developer Gavin Andresen clarified his view that month saying:         
However, a firm called Little Dragon Technology LLC has released the patent publicly to some company that abides by the BDPL arrangement of defensive patents. As a result of this Palatinus along with his operation Slush Pool has chosen to utilize ASIC Boost as well as refers into the protocol as an “optimization.” Slush Pool also details that the organization’s motivation:

From 'Attack' to 'Optimization' — Slush Pool Reveals ASIC Boost Compatibility

Many outspoken fans of the center software obtained upset with Jihan Wu along with Bitmain over social networking and forums throughout the internet.
Last year there is a roaring debate concerning the usage of a technology named ASIC Boost an improvement that provides mining chips with approximately 20-30 percent greater efficiency. Developers Timo Hanke and Sergio Lerner invented ASIC Boost, but Bitmain was accused of working with the technology secretly last-minute, and also bitcoin core supporters called it an “assault or exploit.”

The lead developer of Bitcoin ABC Is Quite outspoken about the statement from Slush Pool.

The Controversial ASIC Boost Was Once Called an ‘Strike’  into the Bitcoin Network along with also an ‘Exploit’


Based on reports, the Slush Pool is now completely compatible with ASIC Boost. Slush Pool utilized to command far more hashpower back in 2012-2016, however, the operation’s hashrate has dropped significantly to under 10 percent of the BTC system hashrate. The business might believe the act of using ASIC Boost will help raise Slush Pool’s hashrate, one of most of the other competing mining pools appearing to enhance efficiency. In addition to the statement made by Slush, the company ‘Halong Mining,’ a contentious firm Because of this doubt that the mining devices truly exist, declared it is ‘mining rigs’ would embed ASIC Boost into its Dragonmint mining machinery.    
Now this March the operation Slush Pool has declared compatibility with the technology.

Once reviewing the newest Blockchain Defensive Patent License (BPDL), we would see valuable for the city to have a central location using stratum protocol identification. At precisely the same time, we’ve have been focusing on a proposal to stratum protocol extensions.
“Now it’s clear how they could get that ‘complimentary’ hashrate to assault bitcoin with vacant cubes after Bitcoin Unlimited forks — ASIC Boost,” Palatinus says  back in April.

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From 'Attack' to 'Optimization' — Slush Pool Reveals ASIC Boost Compatibility
Slush Pool’s ASIC Boost stratum statement.