Cryptocurrency Exchanges at Chile Call out Banks for Denying Them Services

Cryptocurrency Exchanges in Chile Call Out Banks for Denying Them ServicesTo showcase the way they are not a possible legal risk to the banks, the two exchanges highlighted that they “have developed protected systems of the most recent technologies for the protection of the customers and have opened channels of cooperation with government”, as well as explaining to the public the features, benefits and hazards of trading these kind of assets. Both firms, they add, pay taxes, and are registered with the applicable Chilean financial government, and follow standard prevention of money laundering and anti-terrorist financing guidelines.

Banks preventing exchanges from opening accounts is an issue in many places around the world, but legal victories are possible. Last month the Supreme Court of Israel issued a temporary injunction order forbidding the country’s Bank Leumi from sweepingly halting the account action of the Bits of Gold bitcoin trade.
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