Craig Wright Shrugs Off Plagiarism Accusations

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Craig Wright Shrugs Off Plagiarism Accusations

Nchain primary scientist Craig Wright is a prolific blockchain researcher, together with dozens of papers and patents to his title. He’s also a controversial and outspoken figure who has ruffled characters that are numerous in the crypto area. Some of these opponents have taken it on themselves to scrutinize his work, and claim to have found incidents of plagiary.

Can you believe Craig Wright is guilty of plagiary, or are his detractors being unfair?   Let us know in the comments section below.

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Craig Wright has also been called out by Omni blockchain’s programmer over among the qualities in Nchain’s recently awarded patent. The Omni dev asserts that among Wright’s suggestions for embedding data in public keys was first employed by Counterparty and Omni as much back as 2013. Wright remains defiant and has shown that the Streisand Effect, even claiming that his critics’ evaluation assists his work reach a much wider audience than it would have otherwise have obtained.

Craig Wright Shrugs Off Plagiarism Accusations

Nchain, led by Jimmy Nguyen and scientist Craig Wright, is a blockchain-based study company that is famed for the amount of patents it has registered. Only this past week, reported on Nchain’s initial approved patent from the European Patent Office, for blockchain-enforced intelligent contracts. The creativity of some of Dr Wright’s work was called into question, but using a couple detractors.