Can you feel comfortable buying a hardware wallet from another party?  
Redditor moodyrocket is coming to terms with his “life savings” wiped out this week, even after $34,000 of crypto was discharged from his recently acquired Nano Ledger hardware wallet. The device was compromised, not due to any flaws in its style, but thanks to some man in the middle attack that saw the freelancer fit their own recovery seed. The purchaser then unwittingly started using the wallet, oblivious that the default that they had been using hadn’t been randomly assigned by the producer. He also explained:
Hardware pockets are regarded as one of the safest means of storing bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies. Each device permits the holder possession of the own keys and adds a PIN code plus other tamer-proof tech for increased security. Hardware wallets are not impregnable, nevertheless, as one British man discovered to his danger after purchasing the device on Ebay.
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Man in the Middle

Despite the security of hardware devices, the weakest link is obviously the individuals using them. A raft of anti inflammatory tech can not atone for human mistake. Had the victim reset the unit and produced a new seed he’d have been fine. When presented with convincingly forged documentation, however, he obviously felt secure at sticking with the default seed. Purchasing hardware pockets directly from the producer might take longer and cost more, but also the alternatives just are not worthwhile.