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Similarly, bunching data from different sources can improve privacy by making it more challenging to trace any single trade back to its origin.
The authors of the paper note:

It details  Schnorr multi-signatures can be put on the bitcoin, although there’s no guarantee that they will finally be used, this new release could mark an additional step in this direction.
Specifically, the Schnorr theory suggests bundling signatures to a small data entry, rather than having multiple signatures. This is the result of conserving space over the blockchain, allowing it to process much more signatures while increasing safety, according to the paper.

Schnorr signatures may provide additional benefits as well if implemented,  as previously reported by CoinDesk.
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Safety is raised by allowing a multi-signature system, wherein at least 2 parties need to confirm a trade in order for it to process. This restricts or prevents malicious parties from launching a trade on another individual’s account.

“The dimensions of this multi-signature because situation grows linearly with the number of signers. So as to be useful and practical, a multi-signature scheme should produce signatures whose dimension is (ideally) separate from the number of signers and near the one of a normal signature scheme.”
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Spam can be limited by data with a single signature . In other words, as opposed to having many little blocks of data sent to the system, one single chunk is sent, which can be processed quickly.

A new study paper focused on Schnorr multi-signatures and composed by many notable bitcoin programmers has just been released.