Bitcoin Among Year's Leading Earners, Google Data Claims

Based on recently  published  data in search giant Google, bitcoin might be on top. As detailed in the firm’s “Year Hunt 2017,” a summary of what had been trending in 2017, bitcoin rated second under the “Global News” class, a distinction that indicates search volume was greater for the technology than some of the year’s more talked-about global news events  including   Hurricane Irma, the Les Vegas shooting and this past year’s Solar Eclipse.

Are people looking more for news about bitcoin or even North Korea?

Screen capture from Google Trend. Globe picture via CoinDesk’s archive.

This manner, the news perhaps provides context by placing an quote on exactly how strong the increasing attention on bitcoin and cryptocurrency was in 2017 through the run-up in market prices.

Likewise, “How to buy bitcoin” also took the third spot below the “How to…” search class.
Yet what’s also interesting is that consumers from outside the U.S. seems more interested in searching topics applicable to bitcoin. As an U.S. country breakdown, Google’s data indicates that both search terms of bitcoin in the Global News and “How to…” categories equally fell the fifth place.

Published at Thu, 28 Dec 2017 22:00:47 +0000

Really, searching “bitcoin” at Google Trend shows that the top nations that have demonstrated the biggest pursuits from the world’s biggest cryptocurrency contain South Africa, Slovenia, Netherlands, Nigeria and Austria while the U.S. rated 16th of the list.
For instance, the cost of bitcoin grew by 20x within the plan of 2017, increasing from roughly $900 to a all-time-high at $19,783 in December. Even the cryptocurrency market capitalization also topped $650 billion after a year’s increase from just $17 billion since early January, data from CoinMarketCap reveals.