Second Hand Rigs Can Be Dumped since the Solo Mining Dream Dies

Judging from the motives cited in many classified ads, a change of situation — generally an impending move or a new girlfriend — is frequently the last straw. Like accepting your band will never make it and selling your electrical guitar, then selling your mining rig can be redeemed as the acknowledgement that the crypto fantasy is finished without needing you rich. As most sellers will certainly aver, however, it was a blast — a dumb, sexy blast that has been fun while it lasted.

Second Hand Rigs Are Dumped as the Solo Mining Dream Dies

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Second Hand Mining Rigs Are Affordable — Who’s Purchasing?

For the very first time in quite a while, single GPUs are selling secondhand for significantly less than their RRP, showing that the crypto mining boom is finished, for now. Even though hashrates — like market prices — may fall, it’s unlikely that circumstances will allow it to be profitable to solo mine using a small number of GPUs again. With mining proceeding to cooler climes with cheaper energy, and out of residential areas to purpose built farms, the age of amateur mining is almost over. Besides the reduced sustainability of solo mining GPUs, there’s another reason why many sellers seem to have decided to call it a day: that there just isn’t room.