Jamaica Stock Exchange Plans to Offer Cryptocurrency Trading

“We are excited to apply this support with our clients, satisfying considerable investor interest in digital assets.

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Jamaica Stock Exchange Plans to Offer Cryptocurrency Trading

The Value of Offering Digital Assets Through Regulated Financial Institutions

It’so exciting to be in the leading edge where digital currency demand meets safe reliable accessibility .
“it’s essential for investors to be able to invest in digital assets throughout their conventional financial institutions,” Brown emphasizes.

The MoU states the two companies will empower JSE clients the ability to exchange blockchain tokens inside a safe and regulatory frame. JSE claims that Blockstation’so community is ideal to managing digital currency transactions, and the settlement and clearing of blockchain tokens.

Satisfying Considerable Investor Interest in Digital Assets

Since the JSE established its primary stock market in Kingston, Jamaica the organization has seen a lot of development. To accommodate expansion the JSE established its online trading system in 2015, which at the time was the very first of its type over the Caribbean, enabling clients to look at market performance, and buy and sell securities. An agent member of the JSE in the firm Sagicor Investments, Kirk Brown, claims that the JSE choice to Provide digital currency trading is more paramount for the Development of this budding tech-driven market.         

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The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) has announced it intends to allow shareholders the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies throughout the regulated stock market. According to the JSE, the Canadian-based Blockstation can help facilitate the crypto-trading services.

Both organizations believe the arrangement will be a landmark as it might turn into the first global stock exchanges that will enable cryptocurrency trades. At the moment just digital currency futures, options, and also exchange-traded notes are exchanged at a regulated stock market type of environment. JSE was operating with Blockstation by completing tests and hosting a successful live relationship with broker members and local businesses.
We all are extremely comfortable moving ahead based on the support and training offered by Blockstation, and because their trading platform integrates recognizable compliance rules to ensure a fair marketplace.
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