Russia Today Has a Registry of Whitelisted Crypto Companies

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The legal framework for the law of cryptocurrencies and ICOs in Russia remains in the prep phase. The bill “About Digital Financial Assets” passed the first reading in the State Duma in May.

Citing that roughly 30 applicants have been verified, the institution revealed:
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Russia Now Has a Registry of Whitelisted Crypto CompaniesFrom early this year, authorized entities and people in Russia have dropped more than 270 million rubles [~US$4.3 million] by crypto-related investments organized by scammers and midsize companies, RACIB comprehensive. The institution has started tracking unfair ICO projects and it expects that the registry will enable industry participants to locate trustworthy partners in the space. RACIB elaborated:

Now in the State Duma there are many bills simultaneously. And they are quite different approaches to this definition of cryptocurrencies and tokens…The Central Bank believes that cryptocurrencies and tokens now don’t have enough financial resources to operate fully in free financial circulation.
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The Russian Association of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain has made a registry of whitelisted companies that offer crypto-related products or services. The bill to regulate cryptocurrencies in Russia has been delayed.

Russia Now Has a Registry of Whitelisted Crypto CompaniesThis past Year, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the law of cryptocurrencies and ICOs be finalized in July.  But, Bankir composed last week that the “thought of draft laws on cryptocurrency was postponed to September. ”
Additional testing and testing in three areas will be already in the works, the institution revealed. The first is that a “certification for dealers of crypto assets. ” The next is that a “certification for mining equipment suppliers” and the third party is that a “certification because of mining farms. ”

Launched with 50 Companies

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The list includes companies within the area of crypto mining, investment, marketing, legal, training, and first coin offerings (ICOs).

Russia Now Has a Registry of Whitelisted Crypto CompaniesThese firms are ldquo;trusted organizations that have passed the confirmation process,” RACIB emphasized. Any legal entity in Russia desiring to be included may apply online. “The typical period for document review is 10 days. At this time, third party verification is not done,” RABIC’s website says.

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Russia Now Has a Registry of Whitelisted Crypto Companies