PR: Multiversum Delivering 4th Generation Blockchain — a Crypto Relational Database Pre ICO Raises $2.9million Within 6 Days

Multiversum technology pushes conventional blockchain beyond its existing limitations, by improving the data layer via self-verifying and distributed structures of organized data entities, related one to the next by symbolic links.

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Multiversum offers faster and more scalable solutions. It seeks to be aggressive by creating more flexible options to fulfill corporate needs where complicated data structures will need to get organized in tables (as in relational databases).
Multiversum defines itself as a fourth production blockchain. Rather than creating a single blockchain, Multiversum has made a Crypto Relational Database. This exceptional approach creates chains of data which are flexible to fulfill the needs of complex industrial and corporate environments.

Moreover, Multiversum will contain ERC-20/ERC-23 integration letting coins and tokens from some other options to be hosted on its chain. This integration works both ways with the Multiversum coin, MTV, able to hosted on different chains employing notary services as an external affirmation procedure.

The Multiversum platform applies blockchain performance, without the heritage technical problems, to primary control of databases, application decentralization, auditing, safety and dependability.
A spokesperson for the company indicated that they were really satisfied with the results thus far and moreover they expected to hit the tough cap before the sale closed.
Therefore Multiversum is an evolved blockchain technology, offering exceptional characteristics to conquer the previously analyzed inconveniences, using a place a crypto-validation and supply techniques fit for each surroundings: Administrative, Industrial, Financial and Governmental.
Multiversum can provide complex data business utilizing Proof of Integrity validation (cryptographic evidence of host code) in place of time intensive and energy hungry Proof of Work as well as substituting the slower Proof of Stake validation.
The Multiversum Pre ICO will run by the 1st of March till the end of the month, and together with the Major ICO starting on April 4th.

Multiversum, the new innovative fourth production blockchain technology platform has increased $2.9million in only 8 days in its own Pre ICO. The hard cover for the Pre ICO will be 60MLN$ and it’ll run until 31/3/2018

Multiversum delivers an Crypto Relational Database (an innovative and organized data storage alternative) that can manage not just a single data-type, but a collection of data entities grouped in charts of complex data structures related to one another.

At exactly the same time, those arrangements have to be validated and created immutable with blockchain-based techniques such as increasing traceability and safety.
It sets the bases for a brand new and distributed system of coherent self-verifying trades.

Multiversum 4th Generation Blockchain

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Core to the management group along with the eyesight of Multiversum green strategy is that the insignificant energy expenses and next to zero environmental footprint. It was influenced by among Multiversum’s top advisors, Michele Orzan, who is also the creator of not-for-profit Greenwill initiative.

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“Blockchain is transformation in its own technology,” states Visioner and Founder, Andrea Taini. “But, it’s also restricted in its application for complex corporate surroundings. We’ve chosen the best of blockchain, addressed the commercial failings and generated a strong, innovative solution with business strength characteristics.”
“Relations are now first class citizens of this blockchain and are ensured by cryptographic techniques,” states Taini. “Each one of them, when a state change is requested, will possess its very own sub-chain dividing from the first branch, that will rejoin after the surgery, so as to be confirmed.”
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