Western Regulator Confirms 8 Crypto Exchanges Want Outside, 100 Want In

Furthermore, the agency affirmed that approximately 100 businesses have declared their intention to join the crypto area, saying that “Different companies intend to recently enter [the crypto space] (About 100 companies).”
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The fiscal watchdog also detailed the amount of administrative penalties that were issued so far. Firm suspension orders have been received by five crypto exchanges while seven business improvement orders, excluding  Coincheck. A total of 14 orders are issued: one on March 8, three on April 6, one on April 11, one on April 13 on January 29, seven, and also a single on April 25. Coincheck and FSHO received two orders.
Japanese Regulator Confirms Eight Cryptocurrency Exchanges Out, 100 Want InSeven of them will completely withdraw their applications Tokyo Gateway, Mr. Exchange, Raimu, Bitexpress, Bit Station, Campfire, along with Payward Japan which functions Kraken exchange. Additionally, its application will be also withdrawn by Debit as a dealer that was deemed as it does not fall under this classification, the FSA shown.

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The bureau affirmed that eight “deemed dealers” plan to withdraw their applications to run cryptocurrency exchanges. Under the Fund Settlement legislation, while the bureau is reviewing their applications, deemed dealers are permitted to run crypto exchanges.