Freedom Fest 2018: Cryptocurrency Speakers, Debates, & Increasing Interest Among Attendees

Founder Mark Skousen: We do several things unique — first of all, Freedom Fest is a Renaissance collecting, where people talk more than merely politics. We also discuss and debate doctrine, history, science and technology, healthy living, music & dance, law & faith, etc.. We have a film festival. There’s something for everyone. We also have lots of breakout sessions, so there’s plenty to pick from, and nobody is tired. We also possess a “financial liberty ” investment summit, my area of expertise. I think when we had been only a libertarian conference, we wouldn’t be really successful. I also like to believe that because we are a “for gain ” business, we focus more on just what the attendee wants, as opposed to what the donors want. Additionally, we aren’t rival with non earnings and engaged in fundraising. 

Just about every single year, there’s no surprise guest or a person thought to be controversial. Two years back, as an example, no less than offender Donald Trump made a pitch to participants. Any hints about what might happen this season?
What can you really consider Freedom Fest? Let us know in the comments. Freedom Fest is among the greatest, greatest attended libertarian/freedom movement soirees. Why do you believe it’s so popular while other conventions struggle to sell tickets?

For more than a decade, Freedom Fest has been a top attraction on the conference circuit for all those drifting toward freer markets. Through time, it has grown to include speakers and subjects well beyond mathematics. In doing so, it has attracted some of the most intriguing minds in the entire world. 
You basically contend that it won’t replace gold because of the fact computers could be effectively shut away, shutting off access to bitcoin. Do you maintain your discussions about it replacing gold?

I’m of the opinion that the upward trend in gold appears to have been influenced by the rising fascination with bitcoin along with other cryptocurrencies as a legitimate choice. But because it’s digital and non-physical, it may never replace the benefits of real gold possession.

You were among those very few famous economists to state a bullishness towards cryptocurrency. Do you think nicely of crypto? Has the cost fall changed your mind?

Volatility is still a problem, and that’s maintaining back its own use by everyman. Most investors hold it as a speculation instead of a medium of trade.

Can you, or have you, actually employed cryptocurrency to purchase products and services? Just interested. Like everybody, I wished I’d gotten in early and become a millionaire!

We’ve encouraged a surprise guest, and when he shows up, it will be standing room only. But it’s a long shot.

I printed out the schedule, itinerary, to get this year’s Freedom Fest. Wow. It’s something like 20 pages. Is having a wide variety of topics, from religion to schooling, to anarchy, done on purpose? Or has it just evolved this way?

Freedom Fest Founder Talks Crypto

Do you feel that’s bound to change, say, for the 6th version? To put it differently, do you believe economists such as yourself will be compelled to grapple with this to a larger degree?
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This year’s gathering in vegas, July 11th through 14th, is continuing to branch out. Cryptocurrency and its underlying technology are taking more intellectual distance this July, using a multitude of discussions, workshops, and demonstrations confident to appeal readers. We ended up with its founder, legendary economist Mark Skousen, to obtain insight into the favorite conference.
I’m so a large supporter, and they’re just supportive of what we are trying to perform. We are thrilled to get them co-sponsor a number of our events this season. For the first time, they’re holding their Reason Media Awards at Freedom Fest in the Saturday night banquet on July 14 as opposed to at New York.

We are honored to celebrate special years with all the liberty organizations. And yes, we are arranging a square dance!

Freedom Fest 2018: Cryptocurrency Speakers, Debates, & Growing Interest Among Attendees
Yes, I think so.   We’ve been covering digital monies for several years now, which I regard as a legitimate money, but not especially utilitarian given its own volatility. This ’s why we encouraged Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock, to address us this season — he thinks bitcoin along with blockchain are revolutionary. I concur.

I really do think we might be a whole lot larger and more influential — as “the best libertarian show in the world,” since the Washington Post calls us — when everyone in the liberty movement, including think tanks, could join together rather than each person starting their own summit, which will be what they are all doing. As Ben Franklin says, “We only all hang together, or we shall surely all hang separately. ” (So let’s hang out in Vegas! ) ) We are comparatively modest in the world, and spreading ourselves too thin nowadays. We offer every significant liberty organization an opportunity to produce their own mini-conference in Freedom Fest.

I really do intend to include a significant section of digital monies in the 6th version. I wished I’d put in more in the 5th version.

Not because she’s Bitcoin Girl, but because she’s youthful, attractive, and intelligent — along with a fantastic voice. She’s also well known at the liberty community.

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Freedom Fest 2018: Cryptocurrency Speakers, Debates, & Growing Interest Among AttendeesThis season Freedom Fest is throwing a 50th Anniversary party for Reason. How important is Reason to the freedom movement in your view?
We also work hard to create the topics provocative. It’s crucial to find a good turnout, since each session begins with nine others. ”…and also this season “Where’s the Voice of Reason? ”

Every year Freedom Fest appears to integrate more cryptocurrency themes into the program. I’ve stumbled at least four occasions based around them, including what looks like a fairly amazing debate. Is it only my bias showing? Or, have you seen a growth in interest by Freedom Fest participants as well?

Freedom Fest 2018: Cryptocurrency Speakers, Debates, & Growing Interest Among Attendees
Naomi Brockwell


Pictures via the Pixabay.

This year’s Freedom Fest boasts Naomi Brockwell, Bitcoin Girl, since the amassing ’s mistress of ceremonies. We’re, naturally, big fans of the , but why did you pick her as MC?