Crypto Manga — Comic Book Series to Spread Cryptocurrency Awareness

Initially, you will find 10 individuals working on this manga; they made the first issue. Nowthere are 20 members doing different functions.  “A person may draw pictures, someone can collect Information Regarding shitcoins, someone can create tunes, and somebody else can create movies,” Taro elaborated and clarified the reasons for beginning the series:
The next part introduces “what occurs in the Bitcoin world (business )” with a personality named “Crypto-kun.

Crypto Manga - Comic Book Series to Spread Cryptocurrency Awareness

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Saying that “yet there are still a great deal of scams” about cryptocurrencies, he understands why some folks are skeptical but whined that “It is not a good case for crypto. ” Hence, through manga, he expects to properly introduce crypto and its own technology to the masses. Although “there are already a lot of posts about crypto,” he noticed that they contain “only tons [of] words” and, even at Japan, the “people usually don’t see such posts. ”

I need every person to understand crypto and its own potential. Lately, I feel that the number of active users of crypto is decreasing, and I frequently hear doubts about crypto.

Presently, the series is only available online but Taro expects that it will get printed as physical books later on. “I’d like folks to see it at cafes or many crypto occasions,” he also shared.  The first issue has partly been translated from Japanese to English in the time of the writing, and there are ways to produce music and songs videos regarding crypto based on this comic as well.

The third part is “the debut of masternodes, that includes the lifecycle of masternodes” and investment advice.

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The fourth portion is “that a gag (humor ) manga” that includes a common schoolgirl, Karen, who “learns about Bitcoin with Hakase,” a Japanese word referring to your professor. “He teaches Karen what crypto is and how to exchange crypto, but he always makes errors and reduces his capital,” the Editor-in-Chief detailed.

The first difficulty of a crypto comic book series named Shonen Crypto has been released. Readers can find out about different facets of cryptocurrencies since they follow the characters in this manga that intends to be both enlightening and entertaining. talked with the comic book’so Editor-in-Chief to find out more.

The fifth part is a story about two girls studying BTCFX.  The first part is all about Dapps and how to use these on smartphones, Taro conveyed.

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The first issue contains six parts.  The first part is known as “Crypto Heroes,” ” that is a story about Bitcoin Senpai who directs other crypto personalities in battling fiat characters. 

Crypto Manga - Comic Book Series to Spread Cryptocurrency AwarenessShonen Crypto will be printed “every 3 months or a month,” creator “Editor-in-Chief Taro” told According to him, here will be the first comic book series focusing only on cryptocurrencies. “I never heard there aren’t any [other] comic books about crypto,” he claims.

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