5000 MW to MW — CEO of Hydro-QuéBec Would like to Bring Cryptocurrency Miners

Hydro-Québec Wants a Solution to Avoid Energy Tariffs

Bitcoin Miners Could Purchase Over 5000MW of Excess Electricity from Québec

The CEO of Hydro-Québec Wants to Attract Cryptocurrency Miners
Éric Martel CEO of Hydro-Québec

“We chose Canada due to the comparatively affordable electricity price and also the stability of the nation and policies,” the BTC.top creator, Jiang Zhuoer clarifies in a recent interview.

I inform them at winter, you only need to open the garage door and windows to cool things down.
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“These are really big players who contact us,” Filion notes about the radio series. It appears that’s exactly what the company would like to help cure its economic situation, providing bitcoin miners cheap hydropower until Québec residents see greater energy taxation.
Just recently in an interview with Québec’s area publication, Le Journal, the CEO of the public utility business Hydro-Québec needs to bring cryptocurrency miners to the area to help bolster economic prosperity.

The CEO of Hydro-Québec Wants to Attract Cryptocurrency MinersHydro-Québec is a big state-owned enterprise headquartered in Montreal that will help manage and supply electricity for Québec and other towns. The business isn’t doing so well the CEO Éric Martel shows, and when things don’t change Québecers will face an “explosion” of power tariffs. Martel believes his firm has the resources to stop the taxation as the firm’s 36,912 megawatts stemming from 63 hydroelectric power stations may be attractive to big data centres.
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The CEO of Hydro-Québec Wants to Attract Cryptocurrency Miners


Hydroelectric power channels are getting to be popular over the digital money mining area as this kind of energy generating technology is used by miners in a variety of countries. However, the low-cost power in Winnipeg, Québec, and Canada, in general, is starting to pull bitcoin miners. Just recently one of the biggest Chinese mining pools BTC.top declared it was building a mining plantation in the nation.
Mr. Bertrand additionally uses the area to mine bitcoin since he possesses 50 ASICs at a warehouse he estimates much less expensive than both the U.S. and other regions.

When conversing with the Le Journal, Martel clarifies that he thinks cryptocurrency miners and data channels appreciate the chilly winters in Québec stating;

Images via Pixabay, the International Hydropower Association, and also the Hydro-Québec logo.
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Martel shows Hydro-Québec will try to acquire energy-consuming companies like giant website operations and server organizations to use Québec’s resources. Hydro-Québec already provides 450 MWh to various server centers. Martel is also looking to pull bitcoin miners to the area as Hydro-Québec hopes to disperse 6 TWh to those in need of an extra supply of more affordable energy. Even the CEO quotes cryptocurrency miners may use 5000MW of that energy.